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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Community > Blogs > Marilynk1950 > How Potty Train A 16wk Old Male Chic

How potty train a 16wk old male chic

February 6, 2011 -

I would love to know how to potty train my male puppy chic,my female is easy even when she knows she made an accident she will try not to do it anymore but him hes got me by the tail sort of speak!he will not budge one bit to even try to learn it what am I doing wrong.I tried the crate idea but he will do nothing but Bark and howl like a hound and its really loud and high pitching sound.So I stop the idea of the crate training.My female she go in there just so she can eat her treats and he wont take them away from her,I mean he will even try to take right out of her mouth,so she will go to the crate and sometimes she will pull the door closed.Its cute to watch but sometimes I will not laugh because he thinks it to funny when he hears me laugh does it more to her.He I say only weighs about maybe 3lbs if that.They are so cute and fun to watch play,My female got more active since I got him and that`s why I got him.I would also like to know can you really train a dog to use a cat box?If so would like any ideas on the right idea to do it .I watch videos and some them are not that clear to see how or they are actually training them to do it.I mean sure they show the puppy doing to the litter box and doing its business in it but how long did it take it to do the training part.Right now hes being a puppy and doing puppy stuff also he is already doing that or trying to do the male thing on my female but she is fixed.I had No idea they would do it that young and so small to whew glad he cant get her prego lolls.I guess I`m just trying to hard on the training pads maybe.Also how old can he be before I can fix him?He came from a home like setting where I got him and the lady had I mean a whole lot of them in her mobile home.To me it was clean as she could keep it with that many dogs.I mean she had other kinds of breeds also some medium size to small and he was the only male puppy wanted a female but when I first saw him he came running to me and jump right in my arms.He hung until my hands when I tried to put him down and the lady goes I think he must be for you,I never seen that happen before.So anyways thats how I got Bingo.My great niece named him.He was born on Halloween night,the lady i got him from said she had 3 mama dogs gave birth to 5 puppies each of the 3 mamas did boy ,thats 15 puppies in one nite.Glad it was her and not me lolls having that many puppies to try to give away later on.Well thats about all for now to write on my blog here,will write more later on.I sure hope our snow melts soon!.....MarilynK

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