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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Community > Blogs > Met His Cat Cousin Gracie Lou Freebush

Met his cat cousin, Gracie Lou Freebush

May 29, 2007 -


Over Memorial Day weekend, Falco traveled with his family to VA and met his new cat cousin, Gracie. This was his first time spending an entire weekend with a kitty. We weren't sure how they would react to one another. After just a few hours of sniffing, pawing, running and chasing, the cousins realized that they both just wanted to play. By the end of the weekend, they were eating out of the same bowl (Falco's Eukanuba), wanting the same treats, and wanting to constantly play.

On the four hour trip home, Falco was so exhausted that he could barely hold his head up. Once home, he wouldn't budge from the sofa and demanded that his treats be brought to him so he wouldn't have to leave the comfort of the sofa. As of yet, he is still recovering...

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