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My Banfield Experience

September 22, 2010 -


I placed my dog on a wellness plan so that he could have his teeth cleaned. After about six months into the plan, I was told that he could not undergo the procedure because he had a heart murmur, and the vet did not want to give him the required anesthesia. When I tried to switch to a lesser plan, I was told that I could not. I could not get a refund even though I would not ever be able to use the services I was paying for. I told them I did not want to renew my plan for the next year.

They told me that if I did renew, they would waive my next two payments and send me some complimentary flea medication. I agreed to this. When I was billed the next month, I called them again. I was told that the waived months would occur after the renewal (waiving a lower rate), and no one had any idea about the flea medication, which I never received. I canceled my renewal but would have to pay for the rest of my current plan.

About two weeks ago, I was told that my dog was scheduled for a teeth cleaning procedure. I called and asked about the murmur and was told that it should not affect him. I agreed to the procedure. It was scheduled for September 22. That was the day I would have had to renew my plan. I called the corporate office number and specifically asked them if I would still be covered. They said yes. I then called my local Banfield office and asked them the same question. I was told yes, he would still be covered on September 22.

Well, I took Bullock in this morning and they told me I could either renew my plan or pay full price for the procedure.For two years, I had nothing but good things to say about Banfield, but this last year, I feel as if I walked onto a used car lot. I feel like they are trying to backdoor me into signing up for services I can neither use nor want. I am so completely fed up with them. Everyone should know that their interest is not in the health of your pet as they say but in your wallet.

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22 Sep 2010 4:52 pm

julie45 said:

Thank you for spending the time to share your concerns about your experience at the Banfield Veterinary Hospital.

Although PetSmart partners with Banfield and most of their hospitals are located in our stores, we don't control their operations. You may contact Banfield directly at 1-800-838-6738.

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