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My Caesar II

June 2, 2007 -


we had just lost our beloved Odee 11252006, then just a short time later Otto, February 1,2007.We had them almost 13 years,(THEY WERE GSD ALSO) almost unbearable. I called the breeder in December to tell her about Odee.
She said let me try to mend your heart a little.Puppies due at Christmas. I of couse said yes.
He was born 12/17/2006.Eleven puppies.Four boys, 7 girls. She let me have pick of the litter. After 2 hours in Janury, I choose him. She pointed out, that she felt he would be a handful. Great that just made me want him more.
My husband did not want him.Still grieving.
After 10 minutes when he arrived, my hubby was hooked.
He has brought great joy.Lots of frustration.He is very stubborn.But learns fast.He is very affectionate. I have two grandchildren. Ages 3 and 1.he is wonderful with them. He is going to be a beautiful dog, even if he chooses to not hold up his ears.Lazy....

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