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July 9, 2010 -

I am honestly at a total loss on what to do to. Let me briefly explain what has happened:

I recently adopted a cat from the Wayne County Humane Society via Petsmart, named Carlita. I took her to the vet as advised, and was told her gums were infected. We purchased antibiotics for "Bella" (our new kitty). Upon the follow up appointment I was told that Bella's teeth were in poor condition and required extraction. This is at a pretty hefty expense. I called the Wayne county Humane society to explain the situation and how unhappy I was that the cat was left in poor condition. The gentleman on the phone assured me that the cats teeth were in good condition while they had her per her records and that I should seek a second opinion. Implying that the vet I selected was inflating cost. So I did so. Another visit, another fee. The opinion concurred with the first and he was even more expressive with how bad this animals teeth were and what could also happen when the animal isn’t properly cared for. I'm so incredibly upset. Now I know not only that I've incurred significant expense to just get Bella healthy, BUT that she was neglected and not taken care of at WCHS. I've spent this morning talking to Sherry at the WCHS who tells me that she didn’t believe that the cats teeth were "that" bad and she would contact the vets that I took her to. She then called me back to say there’s nothing she can do except take the cat back. They can’t afford to pay for her care. Which means that this animal would continue to suffer as she has throughout her stay with WCHS. I'm seething, I’m so upset. What rights do I have? Who can I call? This animal was adopted in pretty rough shape, and then they tell me there’s nothing that can be done. It's not acceptable. I emailed various agencies, the vet that WCHS directed me to as well as the director of WCHS, Mark Plyter. He replied with a shaky apology, denied that the cat was neglected, told me I could return the cat and left me with no alternatives. He also expressed that I wasn’t to contact vets that were affiliated with WCHS as I was jeopardizing their ability to help animals. All I need is some help to get my pet healthy, as she should have been upon adoption, not left to suffer. I was hoping that by reaching out to your facility you could give me some direction or assistance. I will have great difficulty financing $300-$500 and am almost begging at this point to have a vet that could reduce the fee for me in order to help her. Do you have any veterinarians or affiliates that would be willing to assist me. Please any direction would be very helpful.

Thank you so much,


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09 Jul 2010 3:35 pm

julie45 said:

Hi Mindy,
Would you please contact me at petcommunity@ssg.petsmart.com with the store information where the adoption took place and your contact information? I will forward to our Pet Safety and Adoption teams for further inquiry. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Pet health and safety are our top concerns for any pet.

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