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Animal Cruelty Should be stopped!

January 17, 2011 -

Every day an animal is abused and the so called owners who are the abusers don't even care. To them an Animal is nothing, they mean nothing at all. Horiffic cases happen every day but the most horiffic happend last month in december. A man is finally being tried after allegidly skinning his wife's Jack Russle Terrier. He was an ex solider who served 19 years in the army. He apparently soaked the dog in water and left him over night outside. He also was accused of choking the dog. But when his wife returned home from work and asked where her dog was he said he killed him and handed her a bag of the poor dog's skinned remains. People are so harsh animals are just like people. We are their voices and only We can make a diffrence. Purple awareness ribbon is meant to be against animal abuse, When you take an animal into your home they aren't just an animal but a family member. All an animal wants is to be loved and most animals don't get that chance to be loved or know what it's like to have a family that cares. [The entire case of the man who skinned his wife's dog click here]: http:// www. aspca .org/ News/Animal-Welfare-News/trial-date-set-for-kentucky-soldier-accused-of-skinning-wife-dog.aspx

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