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Pet Tested. Martha Approved

August 10, 2010 -

The Martha Stewart Pets(TM) collection has been exclusively available at PetSmart stores for the past month. The products were tested by none other than Martha herself but what do Pet Parents think about Martha’s newest endeavor? I did a little digging to see what PetSmart Pet Parents are saying about Martha Stewart Pets(TM).

The Martha Stewart Waste Pad Tray seems to be a big hit with puppies in potty training. Savvysync from Texas wrote “We are pad training our new puppy and she's had some trouble determining where the edges of the pad is." Read more reviews

In the two weeks since I have adopted my dog, China, I’ve acquired three different brushes that have been housed under my coffee table for lack of better storage. The Martha Stewart Grooming Tote is probably going to be my next purchase. Doggiegramma in Minnesota raves, “I had my growing supply of grooming items overflowing a medium sized basket and was trying to decide what to do with all of the items so they didn't look so messy. When I saw Martha's Grooming Tote in PetSmart I knew that was the answer." Read more reviews

I have to admit that my favorite product has got to be the Martha Stewart Toy Storage Bin. Between China and my bird, Lucy, I have a shelf full of toys in my pantry. This is definitely one of those “I can’t believe no one thought of this before” items. Clever0183 from Illinois said, “My dog ACTUALLY will stick his head in the opening and get his toys out and play with them! Read more reviews

In an earlier PetSmart interview, Martha Stewart stated, "I consider my pets members of my family and it's important to me that they're well cared for. I'm delighted to provide other pet owners with affordable, quality products that they can rely on to make their pets happy and comfortable.” Do you have anything to say about Martha Stewart Pets(TM)? Join the conversation here.

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