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Save the animals!!!!!

August 11, 2010 -

Don't forget that if your ever going to get a pet adoptons is the beat way to go. Now yesits a good idea to get older dogs so that they live a happy life in a forever home you have to you have to take into consideration that the older the animal the shorter Amount of time your going to hve to spend with the dog, also the younger dogs with continue to be reproduced to meet the demand if dogs that we have today and in order to prevent all o these animals from being left out on the streets we have to act now. Of course I'm not saying to adopt all of the animals you can find but look out for them and do whatever you can to save these animals and to slow down these people from breeding these dogs because they're are more dogs and especially cats then there are people to house and take care of them and it's a shame that these animals can't have the easy life since in fact they were on this earth firatbwe shouldbtake xare of them as well as possible but apparently we obviously haven't done a very good job at helping them. So I believe whatever you cab do to help these animals I highly recommennd it but be careful what you do chose to so that the animals state of health isn't at stake. Because if in the end while you're trying to help these animals you end up causing them more harm then help then I. Wouldn't recommend continuing what you're doing and hope you choose to continue helping them but the propped way. Don't forget that animals have feelings to and you shouldn't neglect it because you don't want to fix the issue at hand. Remember save animals, help them, love them, cherish them, care for them, love them, and most importanly when you love them you'll know that you love to help them and encourage others to do so also so we can save animals eveywhere.

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