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Isn't it kinda sad...

December 18, 2010 -

Isn't it kinda sad that all other pets (any that aren't dog or cat) don't have a drop-down for their type? I don't like to complain too much, but I had kinda hoped that there would be something that I could select when uploading photos of my two reptiles (which I consider my babies-- as any pet parent would consider their dog or cat their little baby) rather than putting in the bottom of the picture: "Turkish Gecko" or "Ball Python" in each gallery image... and also when going to look through the photos, only dogs and cats are listed... maybe reptiles/birds/small mammals aren't as common as I thought... Just a few thoughts.

With the negative out of the way, I will say: I am TICKLED PINK that there is FINALLY a PetSmart within reasonable driving distance from home. No more having to special order stuff (in most cases) for my babies! Woo-Hoo!!! Was absolutely giddy to see the correct size of crickets my Turkish Gecko needed (shes only 6 inches long, but is a full-grown girly), rather than JUST the huge crickets that she'd have to literally gnaw on for DAYS on end.

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20 Dec 2010 11:21 am

julie45 said:


Reptiles, birds, and other pets are included in the drop down for photos under your profile. When you 'add a pet' there should be a 'pet type' drop down box that allows you to choose. Please e-mail me at petcommunity@ssg.petsmart.com if you are unable to upload a photo of your baby.

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