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Think adoption first

October 4, 2010 -

When you are thinking of getting a new pet think of adopting one.
Adoption is the right choice because animals from an adoption center don't have a home. Animal shelter animals are looking for a second chance. Some animals from an animal shelter are just not wanted anymore which is sad but, some have been abused. When you adoptt remember that this pet could be with your for many, many, years. Make sure you do your research on this type of animal before you adopt. Ask yourself this, Do i have the time to care for this animal?, Do i have the money to care for this animal?, Do I want an animal?. Please make sure you consider all of these things before adopting! If you are considering adopting an animal check out www.petfinder.com

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17 Oct 2010 1:33 pm

sugar2010 said:

I thoroughly agree. We have gotten all our cats at shelters and our last cat, Missy, was put down 17 months ago. She was 18 years old. We have just adopted another cat (basically) from the same place. The local jr. college took her in and then at the end of the semester, she could be taken home. She was looked after by 2 students daily and supervised by a veternarian. She was handled daily and basically socialized through this agreement. She is a real sweetheart and that is why they named her Sugar and we retained the name for the same reason. She was spayed before we got her and we chose to all-paw declaw in Sept. of this year. She is also micro-chipped. She is now a very spoiled cat-lounging in the warm sun and not a worry in the world!

04 Oct 2010 6:47 pm

julie45 said:

Great advice!
Don't forget to check out PetSmart Charities adoption site. There are tons of adoptable pets needing homes

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