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My pets

February 26, 2011 -


I have one pet named cookie, who will be turning four in october this 2011.But I used to have fishies, but they died, and I coudln't buy any new ones until I decided that my family and I could take care of them. And recently I decided it was time. So a few days ago, I cleaned it AGAIN, and bought some new equipment, cause I ran out of somethings after they died. So now its running but i'm not getting the fishies yet. All I need to get is a new thermometer and some new light bulbs, I already bought a new gravel vaccum. Then sometime this weekend I will get them or next week. But my plan this time is to get some bottom feeders or other marine organisms. I want to get a fiddler crab,mystery snails and some small ghost shrimp too. Or just get ghost shrimp, and mystery snails and some fish. Yeah thats probably my plan, but I'm not gonna get alot, because I only have a 10 Gallon tank. I will put up pictures of how it used to be with my old fish and then I will put up the new fishies.

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