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what is a pet?

July 27, 2010 -

what is a pet?
i have come up with this question that some of you probably never though of..... or maybe you have. if you have an answer to this question and want to share it please quote.

a pet is an animal you love. not just an indoor animal such as cats, gunnie pigs, dogs, and farrets. all animals could be your pet. i will say it again: an pet is an animal that you love. it COULD be a rat, tiger, hoarse, cow, you could have a pet aligator for all you and i both care. I have a friend who says "i have a pet fly named oliver. i think he knows his name." see! you could even have a pet fly! a pet is just an animal you care for and love! even though some of you and me would not really care to have a pet aligator.


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