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November 9, 2010 -


We are having massive problems housebreaking this dog. We have had her for 2 weeks and one day now.

I work on the weekends (all weekend, I am not home from Friday night through Monday morning) and Nathan works 8-10 hours shifts those days. We knew this would be a problem, so we arranged for his sister to dogsit then. What we didn't realize is she wouldn't do it right.

At the end of the first week, we felt pretty confident she was almost completely housebroken. She had an accident her first night home and then once the next day, and then no more that week. She didn't poop at all in the house. We handed her over to Rachel Friday night and assumed nothing would change.

Nathan picked her up every night but she wasn't home long enough for him to realize the problems that started to arise. However, Monday morning when I came home, I figured out fairly quick that something wasn't right. I took her out when she woke up, and she didn't go at all. Waited a bit, took her back out, still nothing. Because of this, she got to spend a fair amount of time in her crate because I had homework/school and couldn't keep an eye on her all the time (don't worry, it wasn't all day in the crate). The more I took her out and she didn't go to the bathroom, the more suspicious I got. I finally got down to look closely at her bed in the crate and found out it was wet...she had been peeing in it and not even caring!

After some struggling, we got her back to decently housebroken by Friday. That Saturday morning Nathan dropped her off with Rachel again. And again, when I came home Monday morning and spent the day with her, I found we had backtracked. This time worse...she was now pooping in the house.

I am so frustrated. I could probably take her to work with me, but I can't keep her that long and devote that much attention to her in my line of work. We decided we need to look around to find someone else (a friend, maybe) and offer them money to watch her on the weekends and stress to them how important this housebreaking thing is.

Even though I emphasized to Rachel about the importance of it, she doesn't care enough to follow through. We also found out why Belle acts so badly when we put her in her crate- if she cries at Rachel's, she is out immediately.

Oy. Hopefully we can conquer this, because I am really frustrated with moving forward 3 steps and back 5.

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18 Nov 2010 3:42 pm

blistan said:

Great advice!

18 Nov 2010 8:31 am

DianeBellamy said:

I would get someone else other then Rachel to watch my puppy. She does not understand how a dog thinks and is teaching it to bark. It also sounds she is egnoring the puppy or not reading the signs or doing the timing preventative potty training things that are needed. I would take some classes so you could ask questions and get answers. If you really want Rachel to be in the dogs life then take her with you to the classes. Some money now will be worth it. I have Three dogs now and two cats. They all are diferant and My oldest dog which was a rescue and the oldest taught the puppy to go in circles and not to bark. Our 1st dog will bark once and wait then bark once and wait. She will even bark for the puppy to get out. The puppy/pomeranion is now two. She normally does not bark but does sometimes. She does have accidents because I don't see her circles at the back door from upstairs or when I am sleeping. I create her when sleeping or I will be gone a long time. That works for us.

12 Nov 2010 11:09 am

MusicNLyricz said:

I agree with vdogs. That's a lot of change. I adopted a rescue siberian husky/german shepherd mix last year. We adopted him under the premise that he was housebroken. Turns out, he wasn't. I tried for weeks and nothing happened. I ended up going off to college for my senior year and my parents put him outside. Now that I'm back and am working, I am having a professional do it. For a solid amount of money, I'm investing in a doggy gym where they'll board and train him for two weeks for a decent amount of money. I feel your pain, I too once was there. Of course my dog is much bigger- but there is a solution somewhere. I'd suggest looking around and seeing if you can't get a professional trainer to do it. Most will throw in some common obedience in as well.

10 Nov 2010 11:03 am

vdogs said:

Your poor puppy is going through so much change. She needs consistency. Even if it is chaotic consistency, set a plan and stick with it. That includes you, homework or not and anyone watching the dog for you. If your puppy is going to spend a "fair amount of time" in a crate, get a bigger crate/xpen and offer a pee pad or small box with shavings at one end so she can get away from her own urine. It is not ideal for house training, but if you cannot get to her when she needs to go, it is better than her being in it. I would find a professional for the weekends, at least for now.

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