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December 1, 2010 -


Well, a month later and Belle is finally (mostly) house-broken. I think she may be actually completely housebroken, but her bladder is still so small and she doesn't always know how to get our attention (she doesn't really whine, a lot of times she will just silently stare, sometimes from under furniture so we won't see her) so she will still wet occasionally. Not sure how to conquer that, but she knows it's bad to pee in the house so she might figure it out soon...I hope.

We've got her to sit so far, and she knows "Get Out", "Come Here," and "stop"-although she will ignore us sometimes on the latter if she doesn't want to stop.

Are there any other super essential things we should be teaching her? "Stay" is on the list... But most of the others I can think of are non-important, mostly tricks.

Oh, also, she has never had any table scraps, but she hates her food (Science Diet) and although she will eat it, she has decided it's a good idea to stare us down when we make/eat food. I think it's her form of begging-less annoying than the normal form, but still something I want to discourage. Any pointers?

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