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need a female dog!

March 24, 2011 -


I want my dog to have Jack russell puppies he is a male pure Jack russell and he is looking for a Jack russell female. Here in miami FL, if interested please comment, if any questions please comment.

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25 Mar 2011 12:52 am

Brutuses said:

This country has over 10 million unwanted animals being put to sleep every year in our area shelters. Of those, 20% are purebred. The last thing this country needs is more back yard breeders breeding Jack Russell terriers, one of the most exploited and over bred dogs in this country. Please, do your dog and the rest of the dog world a favor and get your dog fixed. It is the resonsible thing to do. Leave the breeding to those breeders who are breeding to keep the breed pure. You know nothing about breeding and you are not doing anything good by intentionally breeding your dog. I hope you'll research petfinder.com and see the hundreds of Jack Russell's looking for a home and adopt one of them. Thanks

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