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First off, why are there no threads about cats on this board? Especially since many PetSmarts will allow local rescues to show/board their cats at their stores. That is what my question is about- What do other PetSmarts do about the cleaning of the cats in their cages? Do they assign a staff member to care for the cats or do they expect the rescues to come in to clean and care for the cats? At my local PetSmart are 10 steel cages that house cats from 5 area rescues. This store wants someone from each rescue to come in at least once a week to clean the cages and feed/water the cats and kittens. It doesn't seem to be working out. For one thing, many rescues are lacking in volunteers. When they can't make it in, someone from Fish or Small Pets have to take time away from their duties to clean 10 cages. A lot of the time they don't do a good job. The laundry gets backed up since nobody is taking it home. Does anyone have any feedback? PetSmart will NOT hire anyone just to do this job-at least not this store will. Does anyone know of a PetSmart that does?  Thanks.

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I have been an adoption partner and I also have shopped at numerous PetSmart stores in the last 12 years in several states. The care of the cats really depends on the adoption partner(s) and the store management at the specific store. In the store where I currently shop, I know that an employee specifically takes care of the cats in the a.m. every weekday before the store opens or within an hour of opening. To my knowledge, part of this employee's job is to take care of the cats and the care is very good. The cages are cleaned, the bowls are sanitized, fresh food and water is provided, litter boxes are scooped and the cats are cuddled and provided TLC. Since I do not shop there in the evenings or the weekend, my understanding is that either the adoption partner or the store personnel provide cleaning and care for the cats in the center. It is not perfect as at times I have come in and found litter boxes full and water bowls empty - this is when the designated employee is not working that day. If I see this, I take the time to advise the management and then wait to make sure the cats receive care. Sadly, not every store has a caring employee who looks out for the cats and makes sure that they receive care, irregardless of whether or not the adoption partner has been in that day. It really needs to be a team effort where the store management and adoption partner work out an agreed upon procedure as to who will take care of the cats (as well as make sure the bedding is washed and returned for use). At another PetSmart in our area, volunteers take care of the cats at least two times per day every day of the week. The adoption partner has a number of dedicated volunteers. It would be wonderful if every group at every store had many volunteers who would commit time every week to care for and love on the cats. Many of these kitties are very scared. The time spent by volunteers in cuddling and playing with them goes a long way towards helping them be comfortable in the adoption center as well as more adoptable.

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Our in-store adoption program is supported by a joint partnership between local animal welfare organizations and PetSmart store staff. While there are guidelines in place to ensure the health and well-being of the adoptable pets in our centers, it is the responsibility of each individual adoption partner to determine an appropriate maintenance schedule. To support this, our stores provide cleaning and maintenance products and a posted maintenance scheduling tool. The actual schedule for cleaning, partner responsibilities, and store staff support may vary by location and partner.