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Has anyone had to deal with their cat having FIP? I did many years ago but she also had Leukemia. I have a female Tortoiseshell cat that is 1 1/2 years old. When she was a kitten, she sneezed alot and I was told that she had an upper respiratory infection and that it wouldn't go away but was not fatal. Even though she had that, she still played like a normal kitten. Now she doesn't play at all. I also have a tom cat about the same age and he tries to play with her but she just hisses at him. She lays around alot but doesn't really act lethargic. She has an appetite but has lost weight. The biggest problem is that she breathes heavily, especially when she moves around alot. The other night, my other cat was chasing her and she was hissing and growling at him. Then she started breathing real hard and panting. I got her to come to me and I calmed her down so she wasn't breathing so hard. It almost looked like she was hyperventilating. I'm scared to death that she has FIP and I'm also scared that, if she does, she'll give it to my other cat.

I'm taking her to the vet Saturday but wanted to see if anyone has any ideas or experiences.