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Our 2 adult cats love to go out in the backyard, and roll in a sand pit. It was a play area made by the previous owners of our house. Weeds pop up and can overtake the area if left unattended. Today, I pulled out as many weeds as I could and then sprayed Round-Up grass and weed killer on the whole sand area. About an hour later our cat, Kato,(our black cat)went out and rolled around in the sand. We had forgot to keep the door closed. We wiped her down with hand wipes, but my wife is still thinking since the cat has sand deep in her coat, that she's carrying around a harmful substance to herself, and our other pets. I read at another site that as long as the Round-Up has dried, its alright. My wife now wants me to give Kato a bath. Knowing this cat, and the reason for the name we gave her, I would need armor to do this. Anyone else have an experience as this? Thank you!