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I am a mentally challenged woman who barely is able to live on Social Security Disability. I wanted a companion dog for emotional support and service. Week after week, I would search the newspaper ads looking for a puppy or dog I could afford. I came up empty. I just couldn't afford the breeder's prices. I was about ready to give up when someone told me I should look into rescuing a dog. My mom took me to the local shelter. The very first playroom inside the door contained a sweet-faced, female, Brussels Griffon puppy who was only 6 mths old. It was love at first sight for both of us. I knew I had to look no farther. I adopted her that very day, Jan. 12, 2011. Sure, Lola is quite a handful, but we start obedience training next month at PetSmart. I know that once she is trained she will be an even better companion. Adopted dogs are special. They have more love to give then any other dogs I've seen. Go to a today to an adoption event or shelter and rescue that special someone. You will not only get a new best friend, you will be saving a life!