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Dear Friend,

We are very nice, brother and sister, 11-year-old kitties with no home. My previous owner decided she couldn’t keep us any longer and was going to take us to the pound. Then this nice lady said she could foster us for a little while, but she can’t keep us because she travels a lot. We are indoor cats that have been spayed/neutered and even declawed (so we won’t tear up your furniture)! We are very sweet and love to cuddle and play. We have lived with a dog for the last 5 years and a child for the last 3 years. I can’t imagine being separated from my sister, so we’re looking for a loving home that can take us both.

Adoption fee $125 will be donated to help other pets. Let me know if you want to adopt us or pass this message along to anyone in the Atlanta area who might be remotely interested. Thank you!

Felix & Scarlet