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Kira is a UKC registered Siberian Husky. She is black and white with gorgeous crystal blue eyes. She is spayed. When I purchased her in 2004, I had every intention of keeping her for life. I was on my own, and only had 1 cat and 1 other dog, and three kids. I got married in late 2006 and my husband and I would like to have a baby of our own.

Kira is an alpha-type personality, and has to be the top dog. We have three other dogs, one of which is a Shiba Inu, which also is an alpha. She is 13 years old and is my husbands dog. She doesn't like being touched by other dogs, and when Kira would try to wrestle with her in play, she would get defensive and Kira would then try to "put her in her place". She put the older dog in the vet hospital on about 4 or 5 occasions. Alot of the attacks were food-related. We did not feed them together, but we have kids and visitors and unfortunately, things happened, and the dogs would again fight.

She is trained for the invisible fencing but needs a strong collar and the fence is set for a high boundary field. She will test it frequently, but if it shocks she will NOT run through it. She is a big baby when it comes to pain. She once chased a deer out of our yard and stopped at the boundary! She also knows the significance of the remote control training collar. I only have to use the beep-method for her, because she knows if she doesn't listen then the next step is a shock and she doesn't like that! I used this to train her to stay off of certain furniture or to leave the cats alone. All you have to do is how her the remote in your hand and she is on her best behavior! Also keeps her from jumping up on visitors when she is in the house.

Because I also have 2 horses, 5 ducks, 5 cats, fish tank, turtle tank, a bird room, and an online business at home, I do not feel that I can keep all the dogs AND have a baby in the house. (all the dogs are fuzzy hairy breeds) His dog, of course, is staying and I have a 12 pound Pomeranian. I have a beautiful Golden Retriever that I have found a home for. She is young, and Kira is starting to get really rough with her though most of it is in play.

Kira has never hurt or injured the Pomeranian, and though she chases and chews on the cats a little, she has never hurt them. We had two small goats at one time, and we had them in a pen, electrified around the whole thing. One day the wire got tripped over, and was not on and the next day, before we knew it, we had two dead goats... so Kira is not good with anything that smells like a farm animal. She has never hurt the horses, though she watches them like she wants to chase them. When she gets ahold of an outdoor critter... she doesn't eat it, just hides it and guards it from the other dogs.

Medically, she is in good health. She has had some hip pain, and x-rays show early arthritis so that will eventually be an issue. She is not on any medication for it, and runs around fine with the younger Golden Retriever. She is good with kids, my youngest was 5 when I got Kira and there has never been any aggression towards the kids. She does guard her food bowl, so kids are kept away while she eats. I feed her inside her kennel. She is kennel trained and loves having her own little "cave". She knows many tricks (sit, laydown, shake, other paw, sing, speak) She can say "I love you" if you keep asking her... she tries very hard to get it right.

It is very important for me to find a forever home for Kira. She deserves a loving family that will devote time and energy to her. She loves people and greets everyone with a smile. She hardly ever barks but she likes to "talk" when we play with her. I have lots and lots of pictures of her, and many other things to share about her, so please email me if you are interested. anna@artisticmarketingsolutions.com We live in Leslie, Michigan, which is north of Jackson and south of Lansing.