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My grandpa's in his 70s and has been a bit lonely since my grandma passed away a little over a year ago. He's got COPD, early diabetes, and occasionally requires the aid of an oxygen tank, and lately he's been feeling depressed about his poor health. He loves dogs; he had a very faithful one when my mother was growing up (a spaniel of some kind, I think), who he loved dearly and hasn't replaced since. His yard is large, but unfenced, as his house sits against woods and he enjoys the occasional visit by local deer. :) I've encouraged my parents to think about finding a dog for him to keep him company and provide some cheer, but we know his age and lack of mobility will make things complicated.

I think that a low-energy, low-maintenance breed could be a good match, especially if we can find a dog who's out of the puppy phase and has chilled out a little bit with age. (However, I'd hate to get one who's too old and might die quickly...) Can anyone offer some suggestions about calmer, more relaxed breeds? Or whether or not getting an adult dog would make enough of a difference? Additionally, ease of training is really important, since my grandpa may not have the energy to constantly run down an errant puppy.

Thanks for any help you can provide -- you'll be making a sweet old man very happy. :)