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I am looking for a good home for 3 cats. The brown one was a stray, that stayed! Her name is Phoebe, 8-9 yrs old, female, spayed. The 2 white ones came from a deserted farm.The short hair white one on the left is Rocky, almost 2yrs, male, neutered. The longer white hair on the right is Holly, female, spayed, same age. They all have their claws, and are used to big dogs and have been around children. They are all very loving, I have just taken in toooo many little mouths to feed. I don't want to take them to a shelter. They would do great on a farm. They all have been outside previously, I havn't let them out because of my neighborhood, lots of traffic. Please tell whoever you think might be interested. my email address is kerri.page@sbcglobal.net