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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Community > Message Boards > Dogs > Adoptions > Houdini The Great Is Ready For A New Home After Being Saved
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I am Houdini's Foster mom that found him & tried to reunite him with his owner via the Arlington Animal Shelter. Noone ever came to claim this ole gentleman, so he went up for adoption. A family filled out the paperwork to adopt Houdini (then Sunny) but once the shelter tested him for heartworm and the test came back positive, the adopters decided against adopting him. He was then schedule to be put to sleep two days later @ 10:00am. Because he is such a great dog that would be a dream for any family with kids and other dogs, I stepped in and adopted him and took him to the vet. I would keep Houdini, but I feel I can do more for the over populated shelter being a foster for great dogs that would otherwise be PTS, then adding a 5th dog to the pack.

Houdini needs a home that will allow him to just hang around, sleep, eat and be with his human & hopefully dog pack. He is a great pack member not causing any problems with any of my 4 rescued shelther dogs. He loves being around people and needs a home that will include him in activities. He is a dog that MUST be walked, or else he will find a way of walking himself. He is quiet, gentle, laid back and loving.
· Houdini is a Senior Lab/Golden Retriever Mix guessed to be around 11 years old that was scheduled to be PTS because he has heartworms, which is TREATABLE & no reason he should have to die because his previous owners were irresponsible. He will be treated through Pound Pals.
· He has a very sweet, gentle and quiet personality. I have only heard him bard 3 times in 3 weeks.
· He is 100% house trained & knows how to use a doggie door.
· He walks on a leash, sits & shakes
· Gets along with dogs while ignoring cats and parrots. Currently at his Foster home, he lives with 4 other shelter dogs with no problems at all.
· He loves to be around people and children.
· He is UTD on vaccinations as of May 2009.
· He won’t need another Rabies Vaccination until May 2012.
· He was neutered May 2009.
· He is 100% flea free. Poor Houdini was infested with fleas & flea poo when found on Green Oaks Blvd in Arlington.
· He is micro-chipped w/free service from 24hr Pet Watch is has accident insurance if he is injured or needs vet care while missing, for a year. Only $19.95/yr
· He has heart worms which will be treated through Pound Pals. His adopter must be dedicated to purchasing Heart Worm protection like Heart Guard without fail.
· If you cannot adopt him, would you be willing to sponsor his heartworm treatment? Treatment will be around $108
· He has health insurance that the adopters can continue if they choose $35mo.
· He takes daily Senior Vitamins that cost around $10 for 3 months.

Please contact me if you are interested in Houdini