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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Community > Message Boards > Dogs > Adoptions > Pair Of Older Chinese Cresteds Free To Good Home
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I am trying to find a good home for a pair of 9 year old Chinese Cresteds. They are brother and sister (brother is hairless, sister is powderpuff)and both have been altered.
I have had the male since birth and the sister for 4 years now, even though they got to see eachother regularly since puppyhood. Their mother was a pregnant puppy mill rescue and my sister kept the female until 4 years ago when she came back to me. And it kills me to have to find a new home for them. I no longer have the time, attention and finances to give them as they get on in years. I want them to stay together as they have always been.
The ideal home would be someone who stays/works at home and can spend a lot of quality time with them. They are both in good health with just a few age/breed specific complaints. They love adults, children and other pets.
If you are interested, please contact me via e-mail (bcbynum@att.net) or message me on facebook using the same e-mail as a look up.
Thank You.