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Who have's a story of adopting or finding a dog?
Did you save him from his death did you find him and fall in love?

The Story Of How I Found Mini

Mini's story: About 4 years ago my sweetheart Mini was homeless on the street. My brothers found her when they where out she jumped in there arms. they brought her home and I fell in love with her she was so cute! They where going to take her to a shelter but I just could not let her go I dont know how but after that day me and Mini have a bond that can not be broke. We are best friends I call us sisters.

Who wants to share there storys?

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On July 9, 2009, my dad saw a sign that said "Free Kittens" and he went up to the lady and she explained a sad story.

8 little kittens were born in her driveway and their mother ran off. The lady now had 8 little baby kittens running around in her driveway.

My dad took the last two, because if he didnt than the lady would have taken them to a shelter.
Now my kitty cats are about 8 months old.

I will always remember that story.


(Those are my cats' names.)

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