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My almost a year old boxer, Bella, is my first dog on my own. Growing up, we had a small dog but he was always easy to take care of since he was so small. Bella has been a dream come true, and has been so great! She's so smart and picks up on everything so easily, but now I am having a hard time with her.

She's almost a year old and my boyfriend and I are still having issues walking her. She does fantastic until we meet another dog or person. She becomes overly excited and starts jumping, whining, and pulling. Any tips would be so appreciated.

We also have a year old cat that we love just as dearly. However, Whisper (the cat) can't lay on the couch with us at all without Bella chasing her away to play. Will this ever slow down so we can love both of our pets at once?

I know it's a lot! Thank you so much for any advice