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My boyfriend has a 2 year old Boston Terrier (Petey). He started crate training him when he got him (at about 10 weeks old). Petey would continually poop in his crate while my boyfriend was gone. Eventually he stopped using the crate. Petey never goes the bathroom in the house when my boyfriend is home. He takes him out all the time to go the bathroom and feeds him at the same time during the day. Sometimes he will only be gone for an hour and Petey will still poop in the house. He tried buying him a new crate made of material. He ate through the entire crate and then pooped twice in the house. I just don't understand why he is doing this. He holds his bladder all night while he is asleep and never poops in the house when he is home. But every day when my boyfriend gets home from work, Petey has pooped on the back porch (which is enclosed) or in the basement. Can someone pllleeeease help us???