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Hi all! I need some help and advice. I already have a cat, Snickers, and he will be three y/o in April. I am hoping to be able to adopt a dog soon, and I want to know if this will be a wise decision. Can the two get along together? What should I prepare for, and what can I do to make this an easier process for Snickers? I guess I will have to seek out a pup, so perhaps that will help, but what then? Do I ned to look for a male, or female. Does it matter? Oh, help PLEASE.

Joined: 12/31/1969
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Some cats and dogs get along very well. Has Snickers ever been around dogs? If not, you might want to slowly introduce Snickers to the new dog. It would even be a good idea if you could introduce the two to each other before you buy the dog and before you bring him/her home, just in case they don't get along.

Getting a young puppy might not be the best option because puppies are usually full of energy and your cat may not like getting chased around by the puppy. It really depends on the puppy's personality, though (not all puppies will chase cats). If your cat likes to play with dogs, then a puppy wouldn't necessarily be a bad idea (as long as the puppy can play with the cat without getting too rough)

As for the sex of the dog, I am not sure which is recommended. However, I have a female dog who gets along with both my male and my two female cats.