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I have a 3-year-old female (spayed) cat who I adopted from our local shelter a few months ago. Tobasco is a very skittish and nervous cat. She apparently shared her previous home (apartment) with another cat, however, she has not 'warmed up' to our other two cats. My other female cat (who is normally very loving) gets into fights with Tobasco if we ever allow them to be in the same room. As a result, Tobasco spends all of her itme in my bedroom behind a closed door. She doesn't seem to mind this arrangement at all. On repeated occasions I have given her the opportunity to have free reign of the house (by closing the other kitties off in another room), but she refuses to leave the bedroom. She is very affectionate and loving with the people in our family, although she needs to meet someone a couple of times before she feels comfortable enough to trust.

She is very attached to me, and sleeps in bed with me - sharing my pillow (lol).

She was litter trained when I brought her to our home. However, in the past couple of weeks she has begun to urinate in my bed. I have no clue how to 'housebreak' a cat - especially one who has successfully been litter trained.

Any advice would be appreciated!