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I recently adopted a puppy from the SPCA. She's 4 months old and learning quickly. I frequently take her outside and she goes potty every time! I have been happy that there haven't been many accidents inside.
I've been working with her on crate training. Although she's comfortable with the crate (she'll go in and out all day while I'm home), every time I come and she's been inside the crate, she's gone potty in it.
Because I got her from the SPCA, I think that she was used to being in a crate and peeing in the crate (she wasn't taken out frequently to potty). How do I train my puppy not to eliminate in her crate while I'm gone? I don't leave her in there long (maybe an 1-2hrs at the most) and I'm leaving a cushiony blanket in there, too, but she's peeing on the blanket.
What can I do?