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I have two small dogs (Brussel's Griffons) they both sleep in our bed with my husband and I. Everything is fine except that one of the two dogs wakes up between 4:30 and 5:30 a.m. every morning. He wakes up the other dog and chaos ensues. Pookie; the dog that first wakes up, starts sitting on my head! and licking my hair and pillow and anything to get me to get out of bed. Once he is awake Cola; the second dog, wakes up and thinks it is time to play he starts climbing all over me and licking me as well. I realize that having them in our bed was in retrospect a huge mistake. I have never used a crate but I think I would like to try it. My question is this. Can I crate both dogs in one crate? or should I separate them into two crates? I tried just leaving the dogs out of the bed. For the first couple of hours everything is good but around 1:30 Pookie wakes up and realizes he is not in our bed and starts running around barking he even figured out how to turn on and off my husbands sleep apnea machine! and he jumps on and off the button so that he gets our attention. Uggh! What to do...sleep deprived in Canada.

Joined: 12/31/1969
User offline. Last seen 42 years 37 weeks ago.

Hi DogFan, yes you can crate two dogs in the same crate, but please make sure it's big enough to accommodate both. Ideally get two crates, however.

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