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I have a well-behaved 5 year old black lab and a one year old cat. When we first brought our dog home 1.5 years ago, we had an older cat that since passed away. The dog did try to eat cat food back then, ut when I placed the food on a special table, the food stealing stopped. This fall I brought home a new cat, Jinx who can only eat moist food due to some dental issues. The two took some time to get used to each other and seemed to be getting along fine until recently. I learned that the dog was jumping up on the table and stealing the irresistable moist cat food from the cat....even when the cat is eating it. This happens mostly when we are not home and the dog knows we are not around to discipline her or protect the cat. The cat is now swatting at the dog every time they are close to each other. If Jinx doesn't finish all of his food, he tries to cover it up with anything on the table to hide it! I have tried placing barriers around the food and the table but Jinx has started to refuse to eat unless I am in the room with him! If anyone has any suggestions on how I can help my dog resist the moist cat food, I would really appreciate it!