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Joined: 12/31/1969
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I recently adopted an adult male dog who apparently was never house trained. Is it a good idea to keep him outside during the day while I'm at work during the potty training phase? Or should I try and crate him during the day, I do have a crate large enough for him. He has some health issues as well, I just got him on Saturday 9/4/10 and his first vet visit is this Friday. I think he may have a urinary tract infection, he only trickels when he goes and sometime blood,, he doesn't pee outside but as he's walking around the house it drips out constantly, we have the same problem with his bowel movements, will not potty outside and as he's walking or laying down it comes out. We're not sure what his issues are and hopefully it can be fixed with medication and the proper treatment.

Joined: 12/31/1969
User offline. Last seen 42 years 37 weeks ago.

Wow. Sounds like you're dealing with a lot. I'm sure he is happy to have a forever home now... and unfortunately a lot of dogs are given up or abandoned for having health issues such as this. It's heart-breaking really. I'd wait and ask all of these questions to the vet. With his issues, he might need special treatment that other dogs wouldn't. I adopted a rescue Husky/Shepherd and tried for two weeks to potty train him. Didn't work. Had to go off to college and now I'm back home- ready to pay someone to get it done. He's been outside for the past year but I'm hoping with some solid dedication and training while I'm at work, he'll be good as new.