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Can anyone give me some advice on introducing my 10 month old dog to a full grown cat? My dog is a mixed breed (terrier, pit, shepard, bull & who knows what else). He is very smart but stuborn & doesn't always do as he should. He has been neutered. He is also very loving & thinks he's a lap dog. Loves attention & wants to be everyone's focus.

The cat is a stray. Full grown - no idea how old. Looks like a neutered male. I believe he was abandoned as he is very friendly and also very loving. He gets along with adults and kids and based on what little interaction I've seen - would probably get along with the dog.....if the dog didn't act like he wanted to eat him!

I've tried to find a home for the cat but have not had any luck.....& to be honest - he's such a sweet kitty I'd have no problem keeping him...expect for the dog.

I tried introducing them (I've kept the dog on his lease while doing so) but the dog gets very aggressive and lunges for the cat. This in turn makes the cat get his back up & he starts to growl.

I've little experience with dogs (he just showed up on my doorstep 9 mths ago & adopted me)so I really need some help.

Currently kitty is living on my front porch but it's really not the best situation.

Any & all help/suggestions are appreciated.