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We adopted our 1.5 year old Lhaso-Maltese mix Muffin from our local Petsmart in April, and although she was a bit more active than we're used to, we thought we'd get a long find and she'd calm down eventually. Well, it's September already, and she's as fiesty as ever. Against advice (I admit, my fault), we never crated her--at the time, I felt it was cruel. But I realize now that it should have been the first thing we did when we brought her home. When we go out, she doesn't stay in "the designated area"--she jumps over gates, scratches and chews things, and makes a general mess. But we HAVE to work 8 hours a day. Giving her back is NOT an option. Is it too late to start crating her? Any advice for such a late bloomer? HELP! And thanks in advance!