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I have a "Ragdoll" who turned 5 this yr. I am disabled and when I searched online and spoke with different Vets I was told Ragdoll's are a wonderful Breed. They are floppy, cuddly, very loyal and loving, LAZY. This is exactly what I needed. I found a breeder on line and we became quite familiar with one and another and I put full trust in her. Her Cattery was called "Angel Hair Rags" She sent me photo's of her litter and by the time I was over an awful flare of being ill I contacted her and she had 1 little girl, her pictures were exactly what I had dreamed of my entire life.
Then Hurricane Katrina hit our nation and I felt it was not right for me to spend the money on baby and to find a rescue. The company my husband worked for at the time was matching employee donations so I felt this to be a win/win situation. I made arrangements to pick her up at 5 months old and she was my dream, I cried when I saw her.
My daughter took me to Chicago to pick her up and I should have been warned by the entire situation. The plans were me to meet her at her house, at the last minute the Breeder asked me to meet her at her Doll shop she was closing. We located the building and it was basically empty, only a few dolls. My daughter purchased a $100.00 doll and I adopted my baby along with my baby for $500.00.
We had nearly a 100 mile drive home so I sat in the back seat with my new little ball of fur while she was in her crate. She shook and meowed the entire trip. When I finally got her home she hid, would not eat, and this broke my heart. I had a rescue for 18yrs. and she was a true love of my life so I just figured this kitten being a "Ragdoll" she would take to me right away. WRONG!
First thing I made an appointment with her Vet to get her astablished and to have her spayed. "Dr. Laura" examined her, looked at her papers and really had me concerned with her reaction. At first I thought is was because she honestly thought I should have chosen a rescue. This was not the case, my little baby was burning up with a fever. Dr. Laura could tell there was something seriously wrong with her belly. She told me I could take her home to die or she would do what she could. Of course I cried and told her to please make her well. I felt guilty, exploited, stollen from and worse of all I felt like I had been dealing with a demon. My Laural had a lethal Uterine infection and she was near death. I explained to Laural's Vet my situation and what I had been through to find her. She did everything she could and by the grace of God she pulled through.
Laural is now 5 and I have never been able to hold and cuddle with her.
I feed her and take care of all of her needs and she has to know where I am every minute of the day. She sleeps at my feet and will nuzzle with me once in a while but it has to be on her terms. She does jump onto my husbands lap and he can brush her under her chin for about 5 minutes once in a while but again it is on her terms.
Laural has baby blue eyes, all of the points of a Seal Point Siamese, I had 1 for 18yrs. as a child. The rest of her body is long, soft white with cream, brown and tortie. She is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen. She does have the markings of a Ragdoll with the top of her head having a light brown point between her ears.
Her hair is so long and is Angora soft, it does not clump either.
The point I am getting to is she does not eat more than 1/8c. of food a day and drinks very little. She weighs 7lbs. which is small for a Ragdoll. I had her to the Vet because of my concerns of the lack of food she eats and I told her of her how I am unable to pet, hold or love her physically. We are going to try her with the "kitty Prozac"
this Tuesday. The Vet believes she was so tramatized when she was so ill that she can't let go of her fears and the pain she was in. I am all for trying this even though I don't like the idea of medicating, only at last resort. I need to know the opinions of people who have tried this medication with their cats and what the outcome is. I am sorry this is so long but I felt I needed to warn people of "CON" breeders. I am sure I am not the first person to have this happen to, but with my being disabled and my husband is disabled too this is just not right. We think she may have been forced to mate before she was able and this is what caused the infection. I am so glad this woman does NOT have a Cattery any more.
I would like to hear from others that have had an animal on this drug, if it is safe, what are the side effects and will she this change her to the love I want for her. We love her unconditionally and we would not want to do anything to her we would not do to ourselves. I just can't believe my baby has gone for 5yrs. and I may have been able to make her calm and not so angry. Maybe she will stop hissing and spitting at me.
I am so very sorry this is so long, it is my first post and I am worried I find out this is not a good thing to do to her. I just need to hear from as many others that have had the experience of a pet on Prozac. Again I am sorry!