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My Yorkshire Terrier, Gizmo, will be 8 years old in November. It is almost impossible to walk him on a leash. I have tried the harness with a leash before but he will not walk or move with it on. So my only choice is to clip the leash to his collar. He will try to run so the leash yanks and pulls on his collar causing him to make a coughing and choking sound. That scares me so I hate to even use the leash at all. However since he will run off there are many times that I do have to use it. The other part is that he will not walk near or beside whoever is walking him. He continues to try and run and is all over the place. The only times he is not choking himself is when he stops to use the bathroom or sniff at something. I would like to try and train him to walk on a leash. Is it even possible to do this since he is almost 8 years old? What are some tips and advice for me to start off training him? What advice do you have besides the harness that will make him stop running on the leash and stop choking? Thanks in advance for any suggestions or tips.

Gizmo's Mom