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We have a Beagle who is almost 2 yrs. In the last 3 months he has begun to be naughty. When we are gone he ends up chewing up everything. He has pulled cutrains and curtain rods down, chewed up a wooden table, a chair, and the list goes on. By the way, he is doing this while kenneled up! Yep, he moves the kennel around the room! We have put cement blocks in front of the kennel to try to keep him still. We actually video taped him one day to see what was going on. He barked and tried getting out the entire time!
In his kennel with him is a kong filled with treats, other kong toys, a rawhide, and a rope toy. So he has things with him to chew on.
Anyone else experiencing this? Or know how to stop him? Hubby is getting furious and wants to get rid of him since he is destroying everything. I say no. But need to figure out what to do.