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We adopted Sasser, a year old mixed breed (56 pounds), at the SPCA one month ago. She's a beautiful dog who is active, energetic and a joy to be around most of the time.

During the last week or so, she's begun to exhibit some aggressive behaviors. We knew that she had some dog/dog aggression from the shelter. Shelter staff felt she would relax once she was not in the shelter environment and since we only have other cats right now who have their own space in the house, we weren't very worried.

Behaviors we are witnessing:

- Lunging/pulling while walking at other people and pets we encounter;
- Growling, barking at anything that comes near the property lines, including loud trucks;
- Growling while playing with us.

She scared me today - my 7 y/o daughter brought some friends in the house without my permission. They entered through the back door of our house. I think my initial irritation was evident in my voice - she's not permitted to bring people in without asking first. Sasser began to growl at the girls. My irritation immediately turned to fear as I worried that she might actually go for one of the girls. I placed her in her crate but she barked and growled at the girls every time she saw them.

Any advice anyone has would certainly be welcomed. I'm doing plenty of reading to see what I can find. I believe she is taking her role as family protector VERY seriously - perhaps too seriously. She's a smart dog and learns very quickly. I'm just not sure what I need to do!

Thanks for your words of wisdom!