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I adopted a 1-year-old Border Collie mix recently. She is housebroken and stays in a crate while I am at work; however, when I'm home she's out free in the house. If I turn my back on her for a minute, even just to go to the bathroom, she finds something to get into--she'll pull the trash out of my office trash can, she'll get in the litter box and eat the cat litter, etc. I've tried to tell her no firmly when I catch her doing this, but usually by the time I get out of the bathroom or back from getting the mail, she's already shredded some papers and has moved on to doing something else. I have gotten her one of the Kong chew things and I try to fill it with the treats for it when I have to be away from her for more than a minute to distract her, but now that she's figured it out, it only distracts her for a few minutes at a time. I would eventually like to be able to leave her out of her crate when I work, but right now I can't bear the thought of what I might come home to. How can I get her to stop this behavior of eating the cat litter and shredding papers?

Also, she is very clingy. Unless I go in a room and shut a door, she is right on my heels. If I am working at the table and I stand up, even just to stretch, she gets up and is jumping around. If i get off the couch, she follows me wherever I go. Then when I'm ready to sit back down and resume work (or whatever I was doing), she tries to climb in my lap and I have to calm her back down, which takes at least 10 minutes, before I can resume what I was doing. I am very happy that she loves me and wants to be near me, but it is exhausting to have to settle her back down for so long every time I have to move an inch. How can I make her feel more calm and relaxed so that she realizes she can stay curled up and sleeping even if I get up to stretch?

Joined: 12/31/1969
User offline. Last seen 42 years 37 weeks ago.

I had a Red 1 year old border collie myself and just like yours she would walk away and get into trouble when i was not looking. a really good technique is to have her either be tied to you or put a strong consequence to the behavior like put her in the crate she seems to not enjoy that to much by the reaction of her when she is free to roam and when you are home. i wont lie but border collies even if they are a mix will constantly be looking for something to do if not getting enough attention or exercise so ply with her more. border collies are herding dogs so they will constantly be close to their owners to get a command. also puppies are oh so naturally which means they will get into a lot of trouble if not watched. i hope this helps at least a little bit.