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New member here, and new dog owner.

I've had dogs before but it's been years.

I adopted a Boston Terrier four days ago. She is very sweet but she has gotten to nipping. I've read a couple books and online and I've been saying "ouch" whenever she touches my skin and placing her on the floor (I've just realized that I haven't been looking her in the eye when I said "ouch" though :( ). I just don't know how long her "time out" should be. As soon as I put her down she takes to jumping on the couch, and if I try to walk away she nips at shoes and pants. What I have been doing is basically going into another room and closing the door for 5 mins or so until she calms down, and then I go out and resume play. However I feel myself getting frustrated with her...and sometimes when I do look her in the eyes she jumps and tried to nip at my face, which I really do not like. I know I am probably doing something wrong. I obviously know these things take time, and maybe I am jumping the gun here, but I really just want to know if I'm doing the right things. BTW She was 8 weeks old on Sunday.