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I have to babies, both dogs. My 11 month old male Pug and my 9 month old female Boston Terrier. I just got my female from a breeder and she is not potty trained.(I've had her for at least two weeks and she is also in training classes at PetSmart) I am still in shock that she was never potty trained. But I guess I understand since she lived on a farm. Well I am in an apartment on the second floor and I have a large grassy areas around my apartment where the dogs are welcome to "go". There are even potty bags stations to promote clean up. My Pug has been trained on the potty patch, which is a patch of synthetic grass with a collection tray under it. I have been working with my boston but she will either go on a puppy pad or not. I would really like too get her to go on the potty patch. I have recently just purchased a bigger potty for the two of them that I placed on my balcony. Any advice would be appreciated and all solutions are welcome.

Joined: 12/31/1969
User offline. Last seen 42 years 37 weeks ago.

First off, if you see her going somewhere you don't want her to, you should pick her up instantly and put her on the potty patch, where you do want her to go. If you don't catch her, try picking up her mess and putting it on the patch so that she gets some of her scent on it. Dogs like to go where they have gone before. The best thing is just diligence. Keep at it, praise her a lot when she goes where you want her to. Make sure to move her if you find her going where you don't want her to, and praise her after you move her to the proper place. Never punish her for going where you don't want her to. That will just make her think she shouldn't go at all.