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okay, so i have a pom and she is just now turning two, before i got her she was pregnant much to my dismay. i ended up keeping one of the puppies and she had a relapse with potty training (belonged to a friend before i had gotten her) i thought she was doing better in the past few weeks going outside and doing her business but she still has a problem with submissive peeing and i cant seem to correct her. when i catch her in the act and try to get her outside she just pees even more and becomes fearful of me for the next few hours. i just found out tonight she found a new spot inside by the door, i keep the door open so her and the pup can go in and out when needed but i make them go out in the morning after eating and before bed. i keep them in a crate at night and when im gone during the day. im just at wits end with what to do about her potty training, her submissive peeing is making it really difficult and frusterating. any suggestions are more than welcome