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I have a situation with my kitten, Rascal.. he's only a year and 5 months old but lately whenever someone is over, he acts out. He will hiss non stop, meow like he's really angry. He'll bite, scratch, hiss, swipe at you. I don't know exactly what to do. He used to be very social, loved going up to new people and greeting them. Now he just gets really angry and you can't even pet him. He's never had a bad experience, at least that I've know of. I've had him since he was a little over a month old.

I know it is most likely a behavioral protective thing because he can be really sweet and loving when it's just me and my boyfriend or my parents. But if it's someone he's never seen before, he is stand-offish. He sometimes gets like this when my one friend comes over and she's over here a lot.

I'll put him in another room away from everything, but he still acts up until everyone leaves and then he is fine again.

I'm not sure what to do to change this behavior and I am looking for any suggestions anyone might have. Thank you :)