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Sorry I don't have a picture yet, but i do have a question. My wife and I have a ~11 week old Lab/Huskie mix. We both work during the day and little Jovi is now able to avoid having accidents in her crate during the day. At night though I have to get up two to three times a night to take her out. When I first put her in the crate at night she has stopped whining. When I take her out, she always goes potty, but when I put her back in the crate she whines and barks. Either my wife or I lay on the floor next to the crate (which is covered) and place our hand close until she calms down and falls asleep. I guess my first question is if she can hold it during the day, why not at night? In addition, are we supposed to just let her "bark it out" after we put her back in the crate?