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I have a four year old cat that has, for the past few months, started biting me randomly. In the past, he might sometimes start playing rough or sometimes show pet aggression, but we would stop playing/petting and it was fine. Recently, though, he has started randomly biting - and hard! Most often it occurs at night while I'm sleeping. He'll come lay next to me on the bed and after a few minutes jump at my head or shoulder or any part that might not be covered by the blanket and bit down. It's getting to the point that I am afraid of him, and that's not good. Otherwise, he is a friendly and loving cat, and seems healthy. He has a lot of toys that we play with occasionally (although he doesn't like playing very much...he get disinterested rather quickly). I have started working at home so am home with him every day, although he seemed to like me better when I had an hour commute! He is an indoor cat. I really am at a loss - any advice would be of wonderful! Thank you in advance for your help!