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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Community > Message Boards > Dogs > Behavior And Training > Rescued Puppy Loves Me But Is Scared Of Everyone
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My husband and I recently got a 6 month Mini Dachshund who is scared and shy of people. We got her from a family that had rescued her from the pound, but found they didn't have the time to help her with her issues after a month. They told us another family had her for 4 days before taking her back to the pound. Beyond that, we are not sure of her past and what happened to her. By the first night, she was already following me around but remained fearful if approached directly. It has been about a week and she has no signs of fear around me at all. She will come when I call her, play, she gives constant kisses and jumps up on my leg, wags her tail, etc. but it is only when it is just her and me. If my husband comes into the room she runs away. The last couple of days she has even started growling and barking at him when he comes home from work, or gets out of bed in the morning. She also has barked/growled at random people when I've taken her on walks. My husband talks to her in a positive, happy voice and tries to offer her treats and affection, but the only time she'll let him pet her is if I am holding her, and even then she freezes with her ears down. I keep telling him to ignore her and not to reach out towards her but let her come to him but that seems to be too hard for him, especially when he saw how quickly she took to me. He is concerned that she has now started barking and growling at him when he has only tried showing her kindness, and he is worried she will bite him. I'm not sure how to correct that kind of behavior, I do not want her to become agressive towards everyone else. I'm not even sure if she is growling out of fear for herself or if she is getting protective of me? It makes me sad, no one else can see her cute and sweet personality.