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I just got this doggie from craigslist and i found out he is missing hair all underneath him from especially his throat area.

He also has some scars and scabs.

I know i need to see a vet but i don't have the money right now.

I'm a little upset that he has these cause i was under the impression he was in good condition from the owner.

Can anyone tell me what his issues are and how serious they could be?

He is a jack russel terrier about a couple of years old.

Thanks in Advanced.

Joined: 12/31/1969
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You really need to talk to who you got him from. It could be many diseases, but this can be very serious. It could also could be a dog fight and that is the cause of the scars and scabs, but that is unlickly because he would have probably have more scars than just on his belly. It could also be a surgery the dog had and his hair just hasn't grown back from the 'shock' of it. You need to talk to the owner, best if over the phone or even to meet the person. That's is probably your best bet.
I wish you luck.

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It could be ringworm, mange, or several other things including stress. You shouldn't get a pet if you can't afford to take care of their medical needs. You should take him to the vet anyway to get him checked. Do you have his shot records? Is he up to date? Perhaps the vet clinic will let you pay over time or put it on a credit card. Pets are expensive. Take care.

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