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This past Friday marked a milestone for me and my cat - it was our fifth anniversary together. On Oct. 16, 2004, a big, beautiful Siamese stray I had seen hanging around the apartment complex ran inside my apartment with me when I opened the door coming home. He went right to the fridge and sat down, and all I had to feed him was some lunch meat - he ate the whole pack, poor hungry thing. I left the door open for him to leave whenever he was done, but he just stretched out in the living room watching TV with me, and when bedtime came he still didn't want to leave, so I just closed the door and let him stay. And the rest is history. I'm very lucky he chose me to move in with. He is a wonderful cat, very affectionate and sociable, and I often wonder how he came to be a "street cat."

Here's hoping for many more happy years together!